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CIO Special Report: Tips from CIOs and managers to avoid greenwashed investments

Chief Investment Officer Magazine interviewed top CIOs to suggest questions to ask when building investment theses. Among those interviewed for this December 16 special report, was EcoAdvisors' founder, Hari Balasubramanian, to help frame the undercurrent of change that is happening around tools and methods to assess indicators that relate to ESG.

“What Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg did as co-chairs of TCFD was indicate that climate wasn’t sort of a moral obligation that investors and corporates have in the back of their minds, but it was central and material to the financial performance of their businesses. So if, as an investor, you don’t consider climate financial disclosure and climate metrics, then you’re not adhering to your fiduciary responsibility because it has medium to long-term risks on the underlying value of the asset.” Hari Balasubramanian, founding managing partner, EcoAdvisors

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