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Devex World 2022: Financing the transition to net zero

This July 12th Devex World session, Financing the transition to net zero, unpacks the actions necessary to drive capital where it’s needed most to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Recent years have seen a steady growth of SDG-related investments and financial commitments. The time is ripe to operationalize those pledges and to improve alignment on performance standards.

Here, Kate Steel of Nithio, Daniel Morris of Climate Investment Funds, Nuru Mugambi of Sustainable Banking and Finance Network, and EcoAdvisors' Hari Balasubramanian discuss what exactly counts as climate finance and what will it take to finance a transition to net-zero.

"Climate needs to be integrated into everything that we do. I think where we get confused is that we think that climate concerns need to be maximized in everything that we do, which is where we get that trade off question. If we don't integrate climate into everything that we do, then the short term trade off decisions that we make will result in medium and long term decisions that we no longer have the ability to make, because without that stable climate where humanity can live, there is no more humanity, development and progress." Hari Balasubramanian, Founding Managing Partner, EcoAdvisors

Watch the full session here:

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