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Poetry of Impact: Podcast on Climate, Connection and Community

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

As we launch into global conversations about the planet in Montreal at #cop15, our friends at Poetry of Impact just released a conversation I am humbled to have been a part of. It was such a pleasure spending an hour with Gino Dante Borges, the philosopher poet of impact and Teal Brown Zimring, who is so inspiring with her reflections on the art of the possible. Have a listen, share your perspectives, and join us for the most important effort for the future of humanity.


  • Translating the problems and causes of climate change to encourage action [11:32]

  • Context, connection & unintended consequences in value creation [15:33]

  • The disconnect between capital and community and the role of people in-between [23:54]

  • Shifting from intention to action [27:20]

  • Diversity greenwashing [34:55]

  • Entering into difficult legacy conversations through storytelling and demonstration [40:53]

  • Seeking out the pressure points that will tip the scales in the right direction [47:04]


  • Lab to Land built to deliver climate resilience and carbon removal for wildlands by understanding and unlocking the power of genomic technologies

  • Galvanize Partners a street smart, politically savvy, deeply experienced team of climate advisers working with for-purpose companies, asset holders, asset managers and public agencies focused on climate, carbon and environmental justice

  • EcoAdvisors a Certified B Corporation® that is driven to flow more capital to sustainable solutions by helping to create a world where economic, social and environmental sustainability can co-exist, with a specific focus supporting and learning from the rural poor and indigenous peoples – those most directly affected by and most able to respond to environmental degradation

  • EcoInvestors Capital an emerging full-service Investment Management firm, leveraging decades of advisory expertise to create the optimal environment for impactful investments to perform by aligning incentives, capital and knowledge to scale sustainable solutions

  • NEXUS Uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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