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Seventh GEF Assembly - a watershed moment for biodiversity

Special Side Event: Private Sector Mobilization for Climate and Biodiversity Finance

In August, the Seventh GEF Assembly brought together Ministers, Government officials, business leaders, environmentalists, leaders of international agencies and environmental conventions along with representatives of youth groups, civil society, and Indigenous Peoples to discuss solutions to ensure a healthy planet where people can thrive. EcoAdvisors' role, as always, is in between -- translation, intermediation, support, leverage and scale.

Why was this Assembly important? This convening was stocktaking for the 2030 goals to end pollution and nature loss, combat climate change, and propel inclusive, locally-led conservation... and it launched the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund, a dedicated pool of funding for protecting species and ecosystems globally. We consistently hear about climate, but without nature, there is no future for humanity. The question shouldn't be "why is this important?"; it should be, "why isn't this the most important?".

EcoAdvisors' Hari Balasubramanian joined panelists Lori Kerr from FinDev Canada, Andréanne Grimard from Colibri Catalyst, and Bill Collins from Cascadia Seaweed in a discussion to help mobilize interest and finance at this critical juncture during this Private Sector Mobilization for Climate and Biodiversity Finance side event with Global Affairs Canada.

A question posed to the panel was about the shifting paradigm of investing. How do we connect the people on the ground who execute projects and programs that need funding with the people who have the financial background but not the knowledge to provide the funding?

It's about education, translation, and integration.

Jump to this video clip to hear more about how these three fundamental pieces need to be part of everything. They can't be a siloed sustainability function. They need to be integrated into everybody's job description.

Watch the complete panel discussion hosted by @GlobalAffairsCanada.

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