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Simplifying Sustainability

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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EcoAdvisors' founder Hari Balasubramanian is on a mission to show that sustainability is not only possible, it is accessible. EcoAdvisors, a Real Leaders Impact Awards winner, guides clients through the process of finding the opportunity in sustainability to drive economic value and show that sustainability 'costs' are an investment in the long-term survival of their business models.

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When asked, what is Hari's definition of a Real Leader?

Someone who drives ambitious action at scale, but recognizes and is humble enough to know their blind spots. The blind spots here in the sustainability transition are the context in situations of those myriad of communities on the ground. What makes a Real Leader is to be able to truly listen and collaborate with communities that are facing these challenges head-on and build solutions together. Not impose solutions on places and people that we think are right. To be a leader in the future economy, we're going to have to work collectively working in partnership and collaboration and support each other going forward.

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