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Showing Organizations How to Go Green and Be Profitable

As part of Our Path to Net Zero campaign, launched in the National Post and online at, see how your organization can Go Green, Be Profitable and drive both sustainability and economic growth in this interview with EcoAdvisors' founder, Hari Balasubramanian.

About the Campaign: Our Path to Net Zero

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution are arguably the greatest threats facing the sustainability of our way of life and planet. Thankfully, one year ago Canada brought into law our commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, and accelerate our transition to a cleaner, more prosperous economy. However, there are large knowledge gaps on how we can collectively achieve this ambitious target, and why it is so important for our future.

Our Path to Net Zero is uniting leaders to educate business and government decision makers, as well as the general public on the initiatives, innovations, and advocates empowering our journey to net-zero.

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