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Top Leaders recognized for Advancing Sustainability and Clean Capitalism in Canada

During Earth Week 2021, EcoAdvisors' Founding Managing Partner, Hari Balasubramanian, is recognized among the #Clean16 sustainability leaders in Canada at the 2021 #Clean50 awards.

“The 2021 Clean16 are truly the leaders of the leaders in sustainability in Canada. The competition for the top spot this year in every instance left us with a record number of great choices - and to be selected from amongst such a strong group of peers is truly a testament to the contribution Hari Balasubramanian has made to helping make Canada more sustainable for all Canadians,” says Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group.

Since founding EcoAdvisors in 2012, Hari has helped to unlock more than $3 billion USD in new commitments to conservation, sustainable development, and nature-based solutions. Over the last 2 years, with over $300 million advised (>$130 million deployed in Canada), EcoAdvisors has helped advance the sustainable management of over 50 million hectares of land and ocean. Projects include 9 million hectares in Canada’s boreal and extend globally to temperate rainforests in Chile and the deserts of Australia, protecting endangered species and critical habitat while lending support to indigenous and local communities at the front lines of sustainability solutions. He also serves as a Director for several Canadian environmental charities, mentor to start-ups, and advisor to investors, corporates and governments on the value of nature.

For the complete list of 2021 Clean50 honourees, visit

About Delta Management Group / Canada’s Clean50:

Leading ESG, sustainability and clean tech search firm Delta Management Group in 2011 founded, and remains the steward of the Canada’s Clean50 awards, created to annually identify, recognize and connect 50 sustainability leaders from every sector of Canadian endeavor, in order to facilitate understanding, collaboration and innovation in the fight to keep climate change impacts below 1.5 degrees C. Ancillary awards also recognize 20 Emerging Leaders and the Top Sustainability Projects of the year, as well as bestow Lifetime Achievement designations.

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